It has been a meandering journey, and a few people have saved me from drowning (honestly, that is the last water pun). To everyone that helped me along the way, thank you.

Firstly, without the opportunity to work on LAWA, this project would not have happened. I am deeply grateful to the LAWA Steering and Governance groups for their faith in the Open Lab team, and to Anna Brown for wholeheartedly encouraging the crossover of our brief and my exegesis. Anna’s generous support, encouragement and constructive feedback has been invaluable.

Jonathon Alsop at IT Effect has been supremely supportive. Jonathon and IT Effect developer Ismael Machuca made the LAWA development a smooth ride, and they made Making Good possible. I could not have done it without them.

My supervisors Donald Preston and Roy Parkhurst gave me direction through animated meetings, rigorous debate, the odd cynical look, and a lot of patience.

Cameron Askin has been a great collaborator, sounding board and desk-mate, a generous teacher and a pleasure to work with.

Karl Kane provided regular thought-provoking conversation and support. 

Kati Doehring at Cawthron and Maree Clarke at Horizons bore my ‘stupid questions’ with good grace and humour.

My Masters cohort and Julieanna Preston provided thoughtful crits and a collegial, supportive environment.

Team Open Lab offered support and humour. I especially appreciated Catherine Adam's cheerful encouragement and the benefit of Nick Kapica’s insight.

Finally, my home crew, Max. For love, support, conversation, sanity, perspective and your exceedingly good proofreading skills. I will return the favour!

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